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Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces in Nova Scotia

Even if you don’t smoke, the unfortunate truth is that just being near someone who is smoking puts you at risk of developing lung, larynx and pharynx cancers. Smoke-free outdoor spaces can help reduce that risk. Join the movement.

Creating smoke-free outdoor spaces protects people – especially children – from second-hand smoke exposure. Research conducted by Statistics Canada shows that when smoking bans have been implemented, smokers have chosen to quit or cut back. It also helps prevent children from thinking smoking is a normal, social activity. If children don’t see adults smoking they are less likely to begin themselves.

Under the Nova Scotia Smoke-Free Places Act*, smoking is prohibited in all indoor workplaces and public places, select outdoor public spaces, outdoor licensed areas and patios of all restaurants, lounges, beverage rooms and cabarets. This applies to all combustibles, including tobacco, cannabis, e-cigarettes, and waterpipes.

The select outdoor spaces are:

  • On or within 20 meters of playgrounds located in an outdoor public space
  • On or within 20 meters of a publicly owned sport and recreation event or venue, located in an outdoor public space
  • On and within nine meters of public trails
  • In provincial parks and on provincial beaches, except for within the boundaries of a rented campsite
  • School grounds

*Towns and municipalities may pass by-laws or policies that put additional restrictions in place. The stricter rules apply. For instance, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Halifax Regional Municipality, Town of Shelburne, Town of Berwick, Town of Amherst, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, and the Municipality of the County of Cumberland have enacted by-laws or policies that apply in addition to the provincial Smoke-Free Places Act.

Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces Signage Grant Fund

Smoke-Free Nova Scotia has provided more than $40,000 in funding to towns, municipalities,  and other community groups to create and post signage in smoke-free outdoor spaces.

Apply Now!

Interested in applying for the grant? See the application and guidelines here:

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