Tobacco, Vaping & Cannabis Control
Smoke-Free Nova Scotia’s Position of Federal Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada is limited to aspects related to the physical and mental harms caused by smoking or inhaling cannabis and the re-normalization of smoking and tobacco use including:  
  1. Smoking Cannabis or inhaling heated cannabis products using devices, including, but not limited to, e-cigarettes, vapes, bongs, and waterpipes/hookah.
  2. Prohibited smoking or inhaling cannabis products in public places where tobacco smoking, e-cigarette, and waterpipe/hookah use are prohibited under Nova Scotia Smoke-Free Places Act.

Regulating cannabis sales, marketing, displays, advertising, promotion, accessibility, and product formulation, including flavoring, similar to the regulation of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and waterpipe/hookah products under Nova Scotia’s Tobacco Access Act